Sui Wallet
Sui Wallet
Your Sui super app
Welcome to Sui Wallet
Where managing your digital assets is simple
Privacy-first, hassle-free setup
Dive into the Sui ecosystem with confidence, knowing your assets and data are safeguarded at every step.
Effortless asset management
Access SUI, swap tokens, organize your NFT collections, and explore dApps, all from Sui Wallet.
State-of-the-art security
An intuitive UI fortified with unparalleled security.
More than a wallet
Your gateway to the world of Sui. Join users from across the globe to shape Sui's digital frontier.
Setting up your wallet is simple
Sui Wallet streamlines the setup process, and enables you to use existing social logins to create a new account.

Security isn't just a feature, it's the foundation

Sui Wallet prioritizes your privacy and assets
Control your crypto
As a self-custody wallet, you have 100% ownership of your crypto.
Guaranteed privacy
We prioritize your privacy and assets, fostering a transparent relationship from the get-go.
Enhanced security
Further secure your assets with our integrations with Ledger, Qredo, and more.

Onboarding made simple

Getting started is smooth, tailored to your preferences, fortified with top-tier security, and designed with privacy at the forefront.
Social account sign-in
Use a login you already have such as Google, Apple, or Twitch, to instantly creative your wallet, blending unmatched convenience with top-tier security.
Mnemonic & key management
Create and or import accounts with mnemonic phrases and derived private keys.
Access SUI in-wallet
Fund your Sui Wallet in just a few clicks using a variety of payment methods.

Delivering powerful Sui experiences

Sui Wallet’s intuitive design and powerful features means you're always just a few clicks away from everything the Sui ecosystem has to offer.
1-click DeFi experiences
Stake, and earn SUI directly from your wallet.
Discover dApps
Connect with an array of Sui dApps, tokens, and services, opening doors to endless possibilities.
Your Sui NFTs in one place
Safely store and easily interact with your NFTs directly from your wallet’s Asset Tab.
Your Sui super app

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